Local or general anaesthesia

For a pregnancy term of up to 17 weeks, you may choose between local or sedation ("twilight sleep"). From a term of 18 weeks onwards, the treatment is always done under sedation. An epidural is not possible at our clinic.


You will not be asleep during the treatment with local anaesthesia. You will feel the prick of the injections and what is being done. How painful the procedure is varies for each individual woman. You will usually feel some cramps after treatment. The sensation is similar to severe period pain.


For treatment under sedation, you will be given a sedative and an anaesthetic via a tube in your arm. During the sedation, while you are asleep, you will not be aware of the treatment at all. You will be woken up once the treatment is over. Afterwards, you will often feel drowsy and sometimes a little dizzy.


After a suction curettage with sedation, or following a second trimester abortion, you may not actively participate in traffic for 24 hours.


There are hardly any risks associated with sedation for healthy people; however, it is important that you mention any health problems you may have and all medication you use during the pre-treatment consultation. The doctor may choose not to give sedation in case of certain medical problems or severe overweight due to the increased risk.