Period after the abortion treatment

Generally speaking, the treatment has no detrimental effects on future pregnancies. After the treatment you will be given antibiotics against infection. You will feel physically better very soon. You may however suffer discomfort for a few days from tense breasts, loss of blood or abdominal pain. If needed, you may take a painkiller such as Advil, Ibuprofen or Aleve. You can expect your next period four to six weeks after the abortion.


If your breasts feel tense or sore or there is congestion, it may help to wear a brassière that provides good support. On no account massage or rub your breasts. Cold compresses may also give relief. If you are in pain, you could take Paracetamol. If milk comes out of your nipples, it is possible to stop this discharge. We do not prescribe these medicines as standard because of side effects. Contact your own doctor for this.


During the first two weeks after the treatment you should not use tampons, go swimming, take a bath, or have sexual intercourse.


You might be subject to emotional mood swings for a few days or weeks. This is due to hormone changes in the body resulting from the treatment. If you experience problems coming to terms with the abortion, we would be glad to assist you to find suitable counselling.


Three weeks after the treatment you will come to the clinic for a checkup. You can also go to your own doctor for this. If you do go to your own doctor, we would ask you to complete an evaluation form three weeks after the treatment and return it to us. Click here for the evaluation form.