The satisfaction of our patients is very important to us. We do our utmost to treat, care for and help you as well as possible during your stay with us. However, should you be in any way dissatisfied, this can be expressed in one of the following ways:


  • If you are dissatisfied with a member of staff, please speak to the person concerned.
  • If your complaint relates to the entire organisation, please report it to the management:
  • If the matter has not been resolved to your satisfaction after speaking with the management, you can approach the clinic's complaints committee. This independent committee advises the management on the basis of complaints lodged, with the aim of preventing such complaints arising in the future. If you wish to follow this procedure, lodge your complaint in writing at the clinic for the attention of the Complaints Committee, PO Box 300, 2100 AH Heemstede, The Netherlands. The committee will let you know how the procedure progresses.
  • If necessary, you may write to the Public Health Inspectorate:


In all cases, your complaint will be dealt with carefully and confidentially.