COVID info

Important notice to all.

Due to corona virus measures, only clients with an appointment have access to our clinic. Children and persons escorting are not allowed entrance. Exception is the parent or guardian of a minor ( up to and including 17 years).
You must be healthy to get and to keep an appointment. Let us know if you have been in contact with a person diagnosed with COVID. If you suffer from allergies, please report this when making the appointment. Please contact us by phone if you have or are experiencing a runny nose, cold, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath or fever before coming to the clinic. We will make a new appointment with you.

At the reception you will be asked to desinfect your hands and you will be given a new mouth mask to put on.

We check your temperature upon arrival. If it is 37.5 degrees or higher, we cannot allow you to enter the clinic.

A COVID rapid test by our doctor is now a mandatory procedure for every woman. The costs are €20,00 to be paid before the treatment. These costs are in addition to those for the women who have to pay for the treatment themselves. The accompanying person who is allowed to enter, in exceptional cases ( parent or guardian of a minor) must also undergo a rapid test and pay €20,00 for this. If you have had a rapid test done elsewhere yourself, it must not be older than 24 hours upon arrival at our clinic. You must be able to show us proof of this.

We request you for information regarding your journey, in terms of border crossing and quarantaine, to have to find out what is necessary. This differs per country and is also regularly adjusted. We are not aware of the most recent travel restrictions. We can, however, send you a confirmation of your appointment by e-mail.
In order to keep our clinic open, we rely on your understanding and cooperation.
The Bloemenhove and Abortion Clinic Amsterdam team.