Early abortion

Have you fallen pregnant quite recent, then the abortion treatment is also called early abortion (‘overtijdbehandeling’ in Dutch, which literally translates to ‘overdue treatment’). This is a legal term, which means that no doctor’s referral is required and you are exempt from the 5 day mandatory consideration period.

How many days overdue?

For an early abortion, on the day of treatment, you can be pregnant for a maximum of 6 weeks and 2 days, calculated from the first day of your last menstruation. This means that you can be ‘late’ for a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 16 days.
The doctor will use an ultrasound scan to determine if your pregnancy is within this term. If it appears that your pregnancy exceeds this period, then the doctor cannot treat you. You must first conclude the 5 day mandatory consideration period.
If your pregnancy is too recent (< 5 weeks) and the ultrasound scan does not (clearly) show a pregnancy, usually the doctor cannot perform any treatment. We will book you a new appointment.

The early abortion treatment can be an abortion pill or suction curettage (vacuum aspiration).

More than 16 days ‘late’
Are you more than 16 days late? The 5-day mandatory consideration period applies to you. The consideration period starts on the day you first speak to a doctor about your pregnancy and your wish for a termination.

The initial consultation can be with your GP, a gynaecologist or a doctor in our clinic. If your first consultation is not at our clinic, we require a referral letter from a doctor. A referral letter from a midwife is not valid. The date of the first consultation must be included in the letter. After the consultation you must wait at least five days (mandatory consideration period) before any treatment. But if you want to, you can already book an appointment with us.

Are you not from the Netherlands and is it impossible for you to get a referral letter in your own country? Then your ultrasound scan information is sufficient to book an appointment with us. If you do not have ultrasound scan information, please mention so when you book an appointment.