Practical information

Always come well prepared to your appointment in our clinic. Make sure you bring the right papers and clothing (if needed). Will you have suction curettage or a day treatment under sedation? It’s key that you have been fasting and have an empty stomach. Also, in the 24 hours prior to the treatment, you can’t take any drugs.

Choosing the treatment

When you book an appointment, we will ask you which treatment you have chosen. Which treatment is suitable for you depends, among other things, on how long you have been pregnant and your personal preference. To find your options, please use our selection tool.

Please first read the information on this website before you call us. With this information you can choose the treatment that is most suitable for you. Of course you are free to change your mind, even during the consultation with one of our doctors. But please keep in mind that you may not be able to be treated the same day and you will have to book a new appointment. This means you may have to wait a bit longer for your treatment.

I wanted to let you know that the way you treated me has helped me enormously with the emotional process of dealing with the experience. It was obvious there was no judgement and I felt protected. Thank you so much!”

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Personal hygiene

  • Take a shower at home before your appointment
  • Do you have any piercings in your tongue or genitalia? Remove them at home (in case of suction curettage or day treatment)
  • Remove false nails from at least one finger (in case of suction curettage or day treatment)
Can my partner or companion be present during the treatment?

Your partner or companion can be present during the consultation and preliminary examination by the doctor and during the additional interview with the nurse. However, the doctor will first want a quick word with you on your own. Your partner or companion is not allowed to be present during the actual treatment.

How about my privacy?

We handle your personal information extremely careful and only give information to family or friends after your explicit consent. For example, if you know a family member or friend will call us to inquire after your health, please let the receptionist know. Also, we don’t pass on any treatment information to your health insurer.