When to refer?
You’ve had a consultation with a patient regarding an unwanted pregnancy. You have discussed abortion options. Because of the mandatory consideration period and waiting times for treatment at our clinic, we ask you to already give the patient a referral letter during this first consultation, even if she has only just fallen pregnant and/or is not yet certain of her decision. 

You can give your patient the referral letter or mail or fax it directly to us.

Early abortion

An early abortion is available for pregnancies up to 16 days amenorrhoea . This is a legal term, which means that no doctor’s referral is required and the mandatory consideration period does not apply.

Mandatory consideration period in the Netherlands

From 16 days amenorrhoea (from 6 weeks plus 2 days after the first day of the last menstruation), in the Netherlands, an initial consultation with a doctor is required for an abortion plus a mandatory consideration period applies. The consideration period means that after the initial consultation a woman has with a doctor about the termination of her pregnancy, she needs to consider her decision for a minimum of 5 days. She is, however, free to already book a treatment appointment at the clinic. Treatment can take place from the sixth day after the initial consultation. The initial consultation can be with her own GP, a gynaecologist or a doctor at our clinic. A referral letter from a midwife is not valid.

Please note! The mandatory consideration period starts on the day of the initial consultation, so it’s key that this date is included in the referral letter.

Which treatment?
At our clinics, women with pregnancies up to 9 weeks, can choose the abortion pill (medical abortion) or suction curettage/vacuum aspiration . For pregnancies between 9 and 12 weeks, the abortion always consists of suction curettage. Pregnancies between 13 and 22 weeks are terminated through surgical abortion. Abortion between 18 and 22 weeks is only performed at Bloemenhove Clinic Haarlem. On this website your patient can find more information about all the treatments.