Unwanted pregnancy

If you have an unintended of unwanted pregnancy, you can choose to have an abortion. The rules on abortion vary from country to country. Our clinic is located in the Netherlands. There is a location in Amsterdam and in Haarlem. In the Netherlands, abortion is legal. You can opt for abortion up to 22 weeks of pregnancy. If you have an unwanted pregnancy and are considering abortion in the Netherlands, call us. Making an appointment is necessary. There is no waiting list an you do not need a referral. You can make an appointment directly in one of our clinics.

Abortion abroad

Every day, we receive girls and ladies from abroad who come to the Netherlands for abortion. We see especially many visitors from Poland, France, the UK and Germany. Terminating an unwanted pregnancy can be a difficult decision. And abortion abroad is sometimes extra difficult but necessary. The clinic staff are there for you. We listen to you without judging you and together we look at which treatment is best for you.

Types of treatments for unwanted pregnancy

Depending on the gestational age, you can choose the following options to end your unwanted pregnancy;

Our team will accompany you during all steps of your treatment. The length of admission depends on the treatment. However, staying overnight at the clinic is never necessary. Are you coming from abroad or do you have to travel far? Then an overnight stay nearby is definitely recommended.