By and large, abortion is a safe procedure and is carried out by our clinics with the greatest possible care. The risk of problems or complications during and after treatment is remote.

The day after the treatment you can resume your normal life, depending on how you are feeling and how far along your pregnancy was. It’s fine to go back to school or work, but to ensure a speedy recovery, please follow the advice and don’t overexert yourself.

It’s advisable to have a follow-up 4 weeks after the abortion. You can have a follow-up at our clinic, by telephone, or at your GP.

Do you have prolonged symptoms or are you worried about something? Please read the information under After the treatment and if needed, contact our clinic or your GP.

“All staff at Clinic Bloemenhove have helped me tremendously. They were sympathising, comforting, caring and utterly professional. A conversation with one of the nurses completely reassured me, and I was able to resume my studies without any problems. Thanks to these women I am doing better than ever!”.

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Do I need to have a follow-up after the abortion?

It’s important to have a follow-up 4 weeks after the treatment. You can have the follow-up at our clinic or at your GP surgery. A follow-up at our clinic is usually done by phone. If directly after the abortion you have been fitted with an IUD or there were some complications, the follow-up will take place at our clinic.

During the follow-up, the doctor or nurse will check if you have recovered physically, if you (still) have any symptoms and how you are doing emotionally. The doctor or nurse will also ask you how you have experienced the treatment and how you are coping. In addition to this, we will discuss contraception.

During a follow-up at the clinic, the doctor discusses the same things as during a follow-up by telephone. Also, you will take a pregnancy test and have an ultrasound scan.

I had an abortion but feel emotionally shaken. Where can I get help?

Having an abortion can be an emotionally taxing procedure. Even when women know for certain they don’t want a child, an abortion is a difficult decision. Many women struggle with ambivalent feelings. Hormonal changes can make you feel sad, gloomy or unstable. If you need someone to talk to, please contact FIOM. This organisation supports women before and after an abortion.