Waiting time

The table below shows how soon you can get an appointment. The waiting time is in calendar days. This means that working days and weekends count. Is there a dash ‘-‘ in the overview? Then this treatment is not available at this clinic.

Waiting time on
January 17, 2022
Bloemenhove clinic
Abortion clinic
Abortion pill up to 8 weeks17
Suction curettage up to 12 weeks88
Abortion 13 – 17 weeks18
Abortion 18 – 22 weeks2
The waiting time is in calendar days at the time of publication

Mandatory consideration period

From 16 days amenorrhoea (from 6 weeks plus 2 days after the first day of the last menstruation), in the Netherlands, a mandatory consideration period of 5 days applies. The consideration period means that after an initial consultation you have with a doctor about the termination of your pregnancy, you need to consider your decision for a minimum of 5 days. You are, however, free to already book a treatment appointment at the clinic. Treatment can take place from the sixth day after the initial consultation. The initial consultation can be with your own GP, a gynecologist or a doctor at our clinic. A referral letter from a midwife is not valid.