Second trimester abortion - 18 to 22 weeks

For a pregnancy term of 18 to 22 weeks, the abortion will always be performed under brief general anaesthesia. On the day of the procedure, you will be given medicines to relax the cervix and cause some dilation. The abortion treatment will be performed that afternoon. You will be given general anaesthesia first. Depending on the pregnancy term, the treatment takes between 15 and 25 minutes. The womb is then cleaned with a D&C. The doctor will wake you immediately after the treatment. You will remain in the clinic for monitoring for 3 hours after treatment.


The total stay at the clinic is 8 to 10 hours on average.


If your blood group and Rhesus factor are unknown, we will determine them. Because the Rhesus factor is particularly important for pregnancy termination, we need to know if you are positive or negative. If you are rhesus negative, we administer an antibody injection immediately after treatment. We will also check the haemoglobin content in your blood (Hb).


You may not actively participate in traffic for 24 hours.


Three weeks after the abortion, you will visit the clinic for a checkup. The doctor will make an ultrasound during this checkup. You can also have a checkup with your own doctor.