Abortion Netherlands

Abortion, or termination of pregnancy, has been legal in the Netherlands since 1981. This means that every woman (or person with a uterus) up to 22 weeks of pregnancy decides for herself whether she wants to continue or terminate her pregnancy. Abortion Clinic Amsterdam and Abortion Clinic Haarlem treat women from the Netherlands and abroad. At Abortion Clinic Haarlem, treatments take place up to 22 weeks of pregnancy. At the Amsterdam clinic, it is up to 18 weeks.

Why go abroad for abortion?

Some women come from countries where abortion is prohibited or only allowed for certain reasons. Other women come to the Netherlands because there are safe and legal abortion clinics here and not in their home countries. Others come here out of fear of the stigma surrounding abortion in their home countries, or because the legal treatment period has expired there. In Germany, for example, abortion is allowed up to 12 weeks of pregnancy, while in France it is up to 14 weeks. In Poland, termination of pregnancy is currently almost impossible. Many Polish women therefore opt for abortion in the Netherlands.

Hospital or abortion clinic Netherlands

Abortions in the Netherlands are performed in hospitals and abortion clinics. Are you from abroad? Then an abortion clinic is the best choice. You must pay the cost of abortion in advance. Abortion treatment is anonymous. Information about your identity and the treatment will not be shared with third parties unless you give your express consent.

No referral, overnight stay

You do not need a referral from a doctor for an abortion, nor is there a reflection period. You can make an appointment at our clinic straight away. See the contact page for more information.
After treatment, you can go home the same day; you do not have to stay overnight at the clinic. All treatments are safe and do not affect your fertility.

Please note that if you have been given a general anesthetic (sedation), you should not drive a car or drive anything else (bicycle, scooter) for 24 hours afterwards. Are you coming from abroad, or do you not live nearby and do not want to make the journey back immediately? Then it is wise to choose an overnight stay near the clinic. More information can be found under aftercare.