Privacy and anonymity

Everybody who works at our clinics has duty of professional confidentiality (oath of secrecy). We don’t pass on any information to others without your explicit consent. Not even to your parents or partner. An exception are the health care providers who are directly involved in the treatment; obviously they need to be informed on your situation.

If you know a family member, partner or friend will call us to inquire after you, please let the receptionist know if you want them to be given information or not.

“Everybody at the clinic was very kind and I was really put at ease. I highly appreciate their way of working and the way they treated me. It made a difficult decision a lot easier.”

Anonymity in the waiting area

Our waiting rooms are only accessible for clients and their companions. We can not facilitate waiting in a separate room (invisible to other visitors).

Recording of medical information

At the clinic we create a file containing your personal and medical details. We handle this information extremely careful. Only staff involved in your treatment and related paperwork have access to your information. And only if it’s necessary to carry out their work. No one else has access to your file.

Copy of medical file or ultrasound scan image

At your request you can receive a copy of (part of) your file. You can collect the copy at reception on weekdays during our opening hours. You need to show your ID. If you can’t or won’t come in person, you can submit a request in writing. Please include a scanned image of your passport or ID card.

Anonymity regarding your health insurance

Abortion costs are not covered by health insurance, but by government funding. No costs are charged to your health insurance’s deductible excess (‘eigen risico’) and the treatment is not displayed on any statement of your healthcare costs. We don’t inform your health insurance about the treatment.