Goodbye after an abortion due to foetal abnormalities

At Bloemenhove Clinic Haarlem, there are several ways to say goodbye to your pregnancy if you are having an abortion due to medical (foetal) abnormalities:

  • Collective cremation without scattering of the ashes: the embryo is carefully kept at the clinic and will at a later date be collectively cremated by a specialist company.
  • Collective cremation and a scattering of the ashes: the embryo will be carefully kept at the clinic. At a later date there will be a collective cremation at Dela Crematorium and the ashes will be scattered at the Sterretjesveld (‘Little Stars Meadow’) at Akendam Cemetery in Haarlem.
  • Individual cremation: the morning after the pregnancy termination you can bring your baby in a closed coffin to Dela Crematorium Haarlem where cremation will usually take place on the same day. You can have the ashes scattered at Sterretjesveld at Akendam Cemetery in Haarlem, or you can collect the ashes (from one day after the cremation).
  • If you live in the Netherlands, individual burial: your baby is collected by a funeral services company, or you can bring it to a funeral parlour in a closed coffin. You can also choose to take your baby home with you and bury it in a place of your choice.

Bloemenhove Clinic Haarlem organises the collective cremation.
If you prefer an individual cremation, you can contact Dela Crematorium Haarlem to have this arranged. For an individual burial, you can contact a funeral services company. Please note that you have to pay for an individual cremation or individual burial.

At Abortion Clinic Amsterdam only a collective cremation without scattering of the ashes is possible.