About the clinic

Bloemenhove Amsterdam is a collaboration between two abortion clinics: Bloemenhove Clinic Haarlem and Abortion Clinic Amsterdam. The clinics are located in the Haarlem region (Heemstede) and in Amsterdam Oost (Amsterdam East). Established in 1971, we are renowned for our specialist care for unwanted pregnancies in the first and second trimester (in Bloemenhove Clinic Haarlem up to 22 weeks of pregnancy).

Our mission and vision

We offer information, treatment and aftercare to women who ask for our help. We strive for more than short-term solutions and therefore also provide support in the prevention of future unwanted pregnancies.

Our clinic is a member of the Nederlandse Vereniging van Ziekenhuizen (NVZ; Dutch Association of Hospitals). We are co-founder of the European federation of abortion and contraception professionals (FIAPAC). Our Board and Management work according to the Health Care Governance Code, which stipulates the rules for good governance, supervision and accountability.

Our team

During your stay at our clinic our team of professional and experienced doctors, nurses and other staff are ready to help you. All our doctors are fully qualified abortion doctors and attend annual specialist training. They work in accordance with the latest knowledge and methods, so you can be certain your treatment is safe and quick. Our nurses prepare you for your treatment, assist the doctors and take care of you after the treatment.