PSA or local anaesthesia

Until a pregnancy of 17 weeks’ amenorrhoea, a woman may choose for treatment under local anaesthesia or PSA (procedural sedation and analgesia). Later than this, PSA is always given.


If a woman receives local anaesthesia, this means a cervical or paracervical block, not an epidural. If the woman is tense, the treatment might be experienced as painful.


PSA, also called light sedation, is done at the Beahuis & Bloemenhovekliniek with the intravenous anaesthetic propofol. This agent works quickly, wears off quickly, and is extremely safe in experienced hands. In the case of allergy to propofol, a different sedative is selected. The woman receives a cervical or paracervical block as well as the PSA. A contraindication for PSA is a BMI greater than 40. If the BMI is over 35, please contact the medical coordinator.


If the woman has undergone a treatment in the first trimester under PSA or a pregnancy termination in the second trimester, she may not actively participate in traffic for 24 hours.